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"Yes, You Can Be A "Best-Seller" Author
In 90 Days Or Less Using These Book
Writing And Publishing Secrets Revealed
In This Breakthrough Program!"

You're guided every step of the way by these six world-class experts as you
create and publish your book just like they do using the new publishing
technologies and marketing strategies now available to any author,
whether it's your first book or twenty-first book

Once you know the secret of how books are really created
and published, you'll wonder why you haven't been
doing it this new way too

You'll discover how to create, write, produce, publish
and promote your own book to "best-seller"
status in 90 days or less...it's amazing!

Read through this page and see how you can
get the first lesson absolutely FREE

From:  Mark Hendricks
RE:      Create, write, produce, publish and promote your own
            book to "best-seller" status in 90 days or less

Dear Future Best-Selling Author and Self-Publisher:

Imagine for a moment that you've written a best-selling book, it's published and available world-wide. Your marketing and promotion is done 24/7 using the automated marketing systems you've put in place, and others are creating sales for you through their personal endorsements.

Your orders are fulfilled automatically using a POD service that is connected directly to Amazon.com and the retail stores of other major booksellers, and your digital version products are downloaded immediately to your customers via the internet. Your profits are deposited automatically to your bank account so you have immediate access to the cash, no matter where you are traveling in the world.

Your business is booming, you've created ancillary products like audio books, videos, seminars, workshops, personal coaching and conferences to leverage your body of work to give you the lifestyle and income that most authors can only dream about, and you did it all from writing and publishing your own book.

Life is good.

And the reality of it all, this is happening for many people more often than you think, especially now with the new publishing and marketing technologies available...

...it's so easy to do.

Hi, my name is Mark Hendricks and I've teamed up with Elsom Eldridge, Jr. to bring you something that I know you're going to be excited about too. Before I tell you more about Elsom and myself (and the other expert coaches we're making available to you), consider this...

Why is it so important for you to
write your own book?

People are looking to make decisions quicker these days, there's just so much clutter and conflicting information in our lives. One of the ways we make quicker decisions is to find an expert knowledgeable and experienced on the topic we're interested in, so we can learn from their experience and guidance to save us time, money and frustration when we want to do something, or acquire something, new.

Once we do find an expert in the field, we like to get to know them a little to see if we can trust their advice and recommendations, or even see if their views of the world match up to our own. And once we're comfortable with them, we give them a try based on our own feelings and the recommendations of other people we know.

And the quickest way for you to be recognized as a trusted authority is to elevate yourself to expert status so people will recognize you as the respected expert they are wanting, and the best and quickest way to do that is to write a book. Not only do you quickly become known as the expert in your field who people are magnetically drawn to, but it quickly opens new doors of opportunity and profitability that you could never have imagined.

But what if you write inspirational, or fiction books?

People love their favorite authors, and they love to buy every follow-up book the author writes (and they also buy their audio books, buy tickets to their movies and get the DVDs too). So yes, if you write fiction or inspirational books, people do see you as an authority expert (have you ever noticed the word "author" is in the word "authority"?).

Or maybe you've got an important message the world needs to hear?

Writing and self-publishing your book can accomplish all of these goals and more.

Let me ask you these three questions...

1. Have you ever started to write a book and it just didn't want to come out of you?

2. If you have written a book, is it still sitting there waiting for someone to publish it?

3. If you've had it published, or if you published it yourself, would you like to know
    how to promote and market your book so it could bring you more fame and

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then I have
some very good news for you (see more info below)

Maybe you've already tried some of these...

People who do write a book quickly find their bigger challenge is getting a publisher to accept their book to publish. Obviously, there is an enormous amount of time, money and energy spent sending letters and drafts to publishers, only to get your hopes let down with rejection notices coming back time and time again.

Then there are the unscrupulous publishers known as "vanity publishers" that for a hefty fee will put their publisher imprint on your book and print a run of copies for you, and charge you thousands of dollars for the privilege of them "publishing" your book for you (so now you have a big pile of books sitting in the corner with nobody really promoting it, they got your money and you've got a lot of books taking up space).

Even if you do find a reputable publisher to take you on, they still expect you to promote and market yourself and your book to help create buzz and sales, and as you know, without promotion, nothing happens.

Or you could go the self-published route, it's an exciting option for many authors these days, but you should be aware there's a lot of things you must know to succeed in creating your own profitable publishing empire.


Create And Publish
Your Book Now

Discover how to create, write, produce, publish and promote your own book to "best-seller" status in 90 days or less!

By Elsom Eldridge, Jr. and
Mark Hendricks


The Create And Publish Your Book Now program is based on over 100 years of combined writing, publishing and business experience of six well-known experts, led by Elsom Eldridge, Jr. and Mark Hendricks.

In this breakthrough course, you will hear and read every word as Elsom and Mark lead a group of participants through the process of creating, writing, producing and promoting their books.

You'll be excited to know this is not some boring textbook, no, not at all.

It's a full coaching course that has been archived, both in audio and print format, so you can also participate as if you were going through the process live along with all of the participants as they asked questions and were coached and prodded by Elsom and Mark along the way.

Not only do you hear and read Elsom and Mark, you also benefit from our four guest experts who share their experience, advice and insights on their particular specialties; and you gain even more insight as Elsom, Mark, and the participants pull more gold nuggets out of them during the 'Q and A' sections of every session we do.

Comments from one of our "Create And Publish Your Book Now" participants

Disclosure: The people who provide testimonials for this website are not paid for their comments. These comments are from their personal experience and not to be taken as what you will experience. Only you will be responsible for your results. If these people promote the ISS program to others they are compensated with an affiliate commission if the people they refer to the site signup as a paying member.

Mark and Elsom,
When I heard you two were teaming up to produce this course, I was ecstatic.
With Elsom's thorough understanding of what it takes to become THE expert on any subject and Mark's complete mastery of internet marketing techniques, I knew this course would quickly become the definitive course on creating a book.
So, it would be very difficult for you to over-deliver this time, I thought, because I was expecting A LOT!
What I did not expect though was a parade of well-known experts with various specialties in publishing and marketing a book. You showed up each session with a surprise guest who covers the subject like Grandma's quilt on a cold night!
From Roger C. Parker to Raleigh Pinskey, I was blown away by the depth of their knowledge and experience.
But it didn't stop there. It turns out that creating a book is just the first step in becoming a successful publisher...and you made it very clear that being an author was only part of the equation. Self-publishing involves production, marketing, sales, distribution and product creation, and we tackled every aspect of that.
Even though it sounds overwhelming at first, you both led us by the hand through each step of the process until we had a complete psychic change - no longer were we authors interested in writing a few words for our friends and families to read, but information publishers with the tools, resources, knowledge, understanding and the CHALLENGE from you to create a business that would pay us forever.
Thank you, thank you, thank you...
David Perdew
Eva, Alabama

And just look at the expert team we've lined up to coach you in this amazing breakthrough home study course!

Elsom Eldridge, Jr. is known far and wide as “the Consultants' Consultant”, and he's the recognized authority on the marketing and management of professional practices.

In addition to co-authoring How to Position Yourself as The Obvious Expert with his son, Mark Eldridge, he's also co-authored The Ultimate Home Study Action Course For Maximum Success in the Consulting Business with Dan Kennedy and The Encyclopedia of Consulting with Howard Shenson; as well as being the author of more than three dozen books, audio and video learning packages, research reports and booklets.

For the last 21 years he's been involved in producing more than 500 seminars and workshops attracting more than a million participants, and has been the marketing consultant to several of America's leading consultants, speakers, seminar providers and national associations; and holds a Master's Degree (Ed.M.) in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Elsom brings his years of wisdom and experience to the Create And Publish Your Book Now program by sharing how to quickly and easily write your book, and get the maximum done in minimum time.

Mark Hendricks is a business and marketing expert; sales copywriter; joint venture specialist; software developer; an author, speaker, consultant, mentor, and success coach.

For the last 25 years, he's used his proven marketing secrets in his own businesses to personally sell millions of dollars of products and services, as well as help other business owners get more predictable and profitable results in a wide variety of industries.

Using the internet since 1994, his advice, articles, and publications have helped thousands of people world-wide to finally start making money online.

Mark tells all in the Create And Publish Your Book Now program when he reveals how to market and build your very own publishing empire based on your book. Whether you're a new author or a well-known pro, you'll gain insight that will bring more fame and fortune than you've ever known before.

Linda J. Parker is a published author and educator, whose writing experience includes ghostwriting speeches for top political figures, conceptualizing and writing national ad campaigns, and authoring books, articles, and marketing and sales collateral on a vast range of topics. With a writing background that spans from short story fiction to sales letters to search engine optimized web copy, there are few genres of writing in which she does not have extensive experience and a highly respected track record of success. It’s no wonder that her client list has included SunTrust, Marriott Vacation Club International, Marriott Golf, M&M Mars, Kodak, Pizza Hut, Universal Studios, Scholastic Books, Sell My Timeshare NOW and the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Currently at work on her seventh book, Linda’s most recently published work is, I Am More Than My Infertility, 7 Proven Tools for Turning a Life Crisis into a Personal Breakthrough. Co-authored with psychotherapist Marina Lombardo, I Am More Than My Infertility began gaining national attention before it even reached publication. She is also a contributing author to religious and inspirational books including Our Fathers Who Art in Heaven, Journeys of Hope, and God Allows U-Turns, Volumes I, II and III. With a degree in educational psychology, and in fine art and design, Linda J. Parker is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Kentucky.

In the Create And Publish Your Book Now program, Linda reveals the secrets of quickly and easily writing your book including getting rid of "writer's block" forever and unique ways to research, organize and plan your book so it virtually writes itself.

Roger C. Parker is known as the "$32 Million Dollar Man". His 35 books have sold 1.6 million copies and are in print in over 37 languages.

During the past five years, he has interviewed over 175 authors, publishers, and marketing professionals and his clients include Agora Publishing, Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, John Deere, Microsoft, Shearman & Sterling, and Yamaha.

Roger writes, speaks, and consults, with organizations interested in implementing marketing programs based on 3 simple, unchanging, truths: market education, target marketing and constant market visibility. He helps authors plan, write, promote, and profit from their books.

He's usually either described as "a designer who also writes," or a "writer who also designs." As a designer/writer, Roger helps information marketers profit from both perspectives.

In the Create And Publish Your Book Now program, Roger is brought in as our expert in the naming of your book and designing it for sales success, and more!

Michele Bryant is an award winning graphic designer with the reputation of making her clients' visions become a reality on the printed page.

Her knowledge of design, print and ebook production has been instrumental in helping authors create a dynamic visual presentation for their books. Her 27 years of working in all facets of the advertising and publishing industries has provided her insider knowledge in creating magazines, advertisements, promotionals, newsletters, books, brochures, annual reports, conference materials, slide presentations, catalogs, posters, billboards, trade show displays, and creative logo designs.

In the Create And Publish Your Book Now program, Michele gives you incredible insights to interior and exterior book design, plus tips on ebook publishing and working with POD services too.

Raleigh Pinskey is the author of the international best selling 101 Ways to Promote Yourself, with over 100,000 in print and published in several languages, plus many other books and CD’s on the topic of Branding, Marketing and Public Relations. Regarded as an expert in these topics and is often called upon by the media, appearing on over 150 radio and TV talk shows and in 48 magazines and newspaper articles.

Raleigh’s client history includes Sting, McCartney, KISS, Blonde, Herbie Mann, the $5000 Marilyn Monroe Doll, TrimSpa, Callanetics, QLINK, Music Box-the original singing telegram company, Soap Opera and Broadway stars, the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book, many authors speakers, thousands of entrepreneurs, associations and non-profit organizations, and The Bronx Zoo's a Great Snake Named Jake.

Raleigh’s hero and mentor is P.T. Barnum who said, “Without promotion something terrible happens. Nothing.”

In the Create And Publish Your Book Now program, Raleigh reveals lots of unique ways to promote your book and yourself that bring in the sales time and time again.

Here's a brief outline of the strategies and insights
you'll gain from this one-of-a-kind course...

The reason why you should absolutely write a book (and why it will place you heads and shoulders above people who don't)
How to go about deciding on the topic of your book
The first thing you must do before writing one word of your book (if you don't do this you could well be wasting your time)
The easy way to find out what kind of books are selling best
How you can sit down for five minutes and write a short letter that tells you exactly why you are writing your book and who's going to buy it and love you for writing it
Is the approach you take for writing books for women different than the approach to writing for men? (the answer may surprise you)
How to make writing your book easy (with this technique your book will virtually write itself)
Do you know how many chapters and pages your book should be? (we give you valuable tips in knowing just the right answer)
What you should consider before deciding whether to publish as a print book, an ebook, or both
How to quickly build rapport with your reader so they will like and trust you
The reason why questions are so valuable and important to the success of your book
How to give your reader a little break from your text, even while they're still reading your book
How to make your book drive traffic to your website so you can continue building your relationship with your readers and turn them into raving fans and profitable customers
The little secret of getting other well-known authors to happily promote your book for you

Comments from one of our "Create And Publish Your Book Now" participants

Mark and Elsom,

For nearly 50 years, others implored me to set some of the stuff I've been carrying around in my head to paper so that it could be shared with others beyond the students in my classroom.  I don't know whether I should be kicking myself or just be satisfied with extending a sincere note of thanks to you both.

Despite the numerous conference papers and scholarly works I had been responsible for in the past, the idea of publishing a book for the public marketplace was a paralyzing thought.

The "Create and Publish Your Book Now" program assembled a team of dedicated experts who were obvious experts in their areas of contribution to the program, and provided a systematic blueprint to follow from the point of conception through to the point of promotion!

The product creation format selected by Mark and Elsom allows you to be an audio voyeur and discover the answers to question you might have by listening to our conversations and benefiting from the questions and exchanges among those participating in the series of recorded calls. You will likely discover the answers to questions you have and for questions that you might never have thought of without being able to put this product to work for you.

I personally have multiple books already released and pending publications that are a direct result of my participation in the "Create and Publish Your Book Now" program.

Dr. Ron Capps (the Nicheprof)
Skidmore, Missouri

And here's even more we've included
for you, you'll also discover...
The five word question every reader is always asking in their mind about your book (if you don't have a very good answer for this you're toast)
The easy way to organize your pre-writing research so it's ready when you need it most
The magic of using your subconscious mind in the writing process (most people don't truly understand how to tap into this powerful method and use it to their advantage)
How to get rid of "writer's block" forever using this simple technique
The secret of getting in the "flow" of writing (yes, it can be learned)
How to use the same writing technique that helped Charles Dickens write his best-known classic
What to watch out for when using pictures, quotes, and excerpts from other sources
Athletes and authors have this in common (very surprising, yet true)
A little secret to keeping you fresh for hours while writing (could something this simple really make that big of a difference?)
The primary purpose of each chapter you write must be focused on this one thing, get it wrong and your reader won't make it past the first few pages
How to use today's "Print On Demand" publishing services to publish your own book and have it sold on Amazon.com and sold in major bookseller stores (some POD services are much better to use than others, we tell you the ones to use to your best advantage)
Where to signup to sell the ebook version of your book and have an instant army of affiliates available to you to promote your book for you at no up-front fee
How about being able to create audio books, have them offered from your website, the customer buys and you get money directly to your account and this CD service handles all reproduction and delivery for you for less than $2 per disc -- you keep the rest! (oh, one other thing, you have no upfront costs with the CD duplicator)
Learn how to maximize the profitability of every book you write by converting it into other media formats; and adding teleconferences, workshops, seminars, personal coaching, and speaking appearances too

Comments from one of our "Create And Publish Your Book Now" participants

Mark and Elsom,

Writing a book always seemed to me to be such a daunting and monumental challenge.

I had all these ideas in my mind, but when I tried to transfer them to paper I would always sit there staring at the page for hours and hours and the words just wouldn't come out.

This became so frustrating to me that I almost gave up the idea of even writing a book.

Then I participated in your "Create Your Own Book" program, and my world will never be the same!

I applaud every aspect of the course - from the down to earth teaching style to the completeness of the generous content. From the surprise guest speakers to the bonus material. From the personal coaching to the assignment exercises and support.

Everything was fashioned together in a way that simply enables book-writing success, and it definitely more than exceeded my expectations. Plus, it was a tremendous value -- I've seen courses that weren't half as good sell for more than 4x as much.

So, have I conquered my "writer's block"?


I now have 1 co-authored book under my belt, with two additional co-authored books on the way. Also, I just finished my own 2nd book, and I'm working on my 3rd book that will be released next spring.

All this and I'm excited to say that I'm just getting started!

With your help I have to say that the myth, the excuse, the crutch of "writer's block" has been busted.

I am forever grateful for your "Create Your Own Book" program, and I know that anyone who goes through your course and applies what you teach will have no excuse to not have a book written, published, and on bookshelves faster than they ever imagined! And it's something they can be proud of forever!

Both you and Elsom will always have a special place in my heart for all that you have enabled me to accomplish in such a short time.

I sincerely thank you,

Lee Collins
Fenton, Michigan

And how about knowing...
How to add perceived value to your book so you can charge more for yours than other authors in your marketplace
The secret of creating your attention-grabbing title and your benefit-rich subtitle to assure your chances of being noticed on the bookshelf
How to use the big "P" in your title to capture the imagination of your reader
So many types of titles to choose from, which is right for your book?
How to create specificity in your titles to attract more readers to you
How to turn your book title into a website domain for maximum leverage
Discover the color combinations that make your book cover standout in the crowd
An afternoon in a bookstore can reveal the exact look you should have for your book (use this little trick and be amazed at what you'll discover)
What software programs you should be using for book layout, design, and publishing
Be careful about the size of your book, you don't want any surprises with the Print On Demand service you use
How to choose the best type font for ease of reading
What information should be placed in the "Front Matter" of your book
Your chapters should always be laid out starting on "verso" pages, be sure to know what this means so your book is formatted properly
When you should use a blank page and when you shouldn't (and what you should never put on that blank page)

Comments from one of our "Create And Publish Your Book Now" participants

Dear Mark and Elsom:

Your "Create and Publish Your Book Now" program far exceeded what I expected.

When I started, I had operated with the thought that I could write a book on my own... whenever I wanted to.

Well, the truth was, I had allowed myself to believe that statement.

And as a result, guess what? I had no book.

Instead, because of how you broke the project down into a series of small steps, because you provided audio lessons and transcripts (that could easily be reviewed), because you required homework each step of the way, I have completed a workbook project that had been sitting around for a year.

I cannot imagine anyone participating in your program being disappointed with their progress. Thank you so much for designing this phenomenal book writing and coaching program.

Paul Stack
North Carolina

You'll also learn...
Why you should never use artwork or graphics downloaded from webpages in your printed book
Watch out for copyright infringement on graphics and pictures, we tell you where to get what you need
How to calculate the spine of your book, this is very important to proper book production
Want to use black ink on your book cover?...watch out! - we give you the one correct black ink using the specific CMYK numbers (who would have even guessed there's that many different color options of black to choose from)
What DPI should you use for your cover?
What information to include on the back cover of your book, there's some specific things that need to be included for properly sales tracking
Want to sell your book through Amazon and other big bookstores?... you're going to need an ISBN number (we'll show you how to get one the quick way)
What is line frequency and why it matters to you
There are two specific files that are required by your Print On Demand printer, you must designate them correctly or your book won't be printed
The little secret that book publishers don't tell you (hint: they really don't know how to promote your book very well, they want you to make it famous)
How to present yourself as a big company (even though it's just you or a small staff)
PR - what is it and who's going to do it?
The secret of "Five" in achieving your PR goals for your book
How to find radio stations and newspapers who want to let the world know about you and your book

Comments from one of our "Create And Publish Your Book Now" participants

Dear Mark and Elsom,

I can't thank you enough for offering the "Create and Publish Your Book Now" course. I was able to use the course to make manageable a substantial "how to" publication I wanted to produce as my first product release on the internet. I had been thinking about the project, but did not yet have a grip on exactly where I wanted to go with it. The exercises in the course provided me the structure to break the big concept down into smaller chunks and then delve into each one thoroughly. That not only made creating content much more manageable, but in that process, I discovered benefits of my product that I had not previously envisioned and that in turn makes my marketing message much stronger.

The exercises also helped me to get clarity on what was still muddy, as strange as that sounds. It worked like this. The exercises brought up questions in my mind that I then shared with some of my friends and colleagues to get their opinions. That proved to be enormously helpful as their perspectives enriched my own and the project continued to evolve and get better.

It was also tremendously helpful to learn about many of the nuts and bolts of publishing. While I already knew some of the basics, there were many things that you and your guest speakers shared that I was completely unaware of and I will definitely be using some of those resources such as print on demand and audio/video production on demand services to name a few.

The course was very complete in that we not only developed our book content, but you also helped us with understanding what publishers are looking for and how to market our publication. This information came from speakers who are authors and marketers - people "in the trenches" who can speak with authority. This information was invaluable and saved time and effort that I could otherwise have wasted. The recommendations included some marketing channels that I had not previously considered and that broadens my opportunity to get my book recognized and sold.

I expect this course to be of use for a long time to come because you discussed many different kinds of projects with us so there are practical suggestions and bits of wisdom that apply to many different situations. That makes this course very versatile and when I am ready for my next project you can bet that I will have my course transcripts out "mining for the gold" that I know is in there.

As usual, you came along with just the right solution at just the right time!

Thanks again,

Marie Kane
Atlanta, GA

Hold on, we're not done yet, you'll also discover...
The one thing you absolutely must do when getting booked for radio and newspaper interviews (if you don't do this, they won't happen)
How to write your press releases for maximum effect (most of them never get read by the media, make sure you follow the steps we teach you)
The easy way to get speaking engagements (it's just a matter of making the right contact the right way)
You know you need a website, but what do you put on it regarding your book (there's five important things you must include before you do anything else)
Why you should be doing book signings at book stores - even if nobody shows up to get your signed book!
How to claim a national calendar day and use it to your own promotional advantage
Virtual book tours? - yes, you can even introduce your book to the masses via the internet using teleconferencing and webinars
How to use joint ventures and strategic alliances to leverage the influence that others already have in your marketplace
Do you go to live conferences? - make sure you learn the strategies we teach to get the maximum exposure for you and your book while you're there
The clever technique of not giving your name when you call to set up interviews, and what two things you should say before you give them your name
The two magic words to say in a book store that gets their employees eyes to light up when you say them
How to use podcasts, blogs, and social network sites to promote you and your book
How to setup your online newsroom page on your website (and what to put on it for greatest impact)
How to get the address and phone number of every big chain book store in America
Make sure you learn our favorite "Five Star Tip" for combining a radio phone interview with a local book signing (talk about creating a huge buzz for your book, this is it! - and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home own to do this)
Looking for internet radio shows to appear on?...use our simple search strategies to find hundreds or thousands to choose from
How to get other people to promote your book for free to their warm target markets -- all you have to do is provide them a little free service (or even charge them and make it a new profit center for you!)
How to expand your book into your own Profitable Publishing Empire
The art of cross-promoting your product line to attract new customers and get current customers to buy more and more from you
Understand why having a professional website is the most important part of your overall marketing plan
The specific pages of your website you must have in place to be able to successfully build your Profitable Publishing Empire
Here's exactly how to get tons of targeted traffic to your website, give people something to click on (we give you lots of ideas on what you should be offering)
How to use articles, blogs, podcasts, teleseminars, videos, press releases, forums (to name just a few) to get more traffic to your website in a day than most authors get to their websites in a year!
The most powerful question you can ask when looking for possible Joint Venture promotion partners
How to do your own massive virtual book launch party on the internet using the "Amazon Book Launch" strategy that can catapult you to "best-seller" status in just one day
How to leverage the back-end of your internet book launch to create profits above and beyond your own book sales (you'll love this technique, and it's a wonder more people don't do this because it's do simple and wildly profitable)
How to setup your book so it becomes a internet lead generator for you for years to come
And so much more!

Yes, you get all this and more...

We've set the standard in a home study course for people who really want to know the inside secrets of creating, writing, producing, publishing and promoting their book to "best-seller" status and we've priced it so anyone could afford it.

As you can imagine, for you to access any of the Create And Publish Your Book Now coaching team you would expect to pay hundreds of dollars an hour to ask questions (and you may not even know what questions you should be asking). This could easily add up to many thousands of dollars in consulting fees needlessly spent.

Instead, you can listen, read and learn from our team of experts everything you need to know to create, write, produce, publish and promote your book, no matter if it's your first, or twenty-first!

And you get all eight sessions of the program delivered immediately to you as downloadable MP3 audio files, and printable and searchable PDF files for the text transcriptions...so you can listen and read time and time again to make sure you completely understand and remember each and every concept, strategy and technique we reveal to you.

But wait a minute, there's still more...

If we only provided you with everything we've already mentioned, this program would be worth ten times your investment, but we've decided to give you even more, you also get at no extra charge:

The Create And Publish Your Book Now Workbook

We provide you worksheets for each lesson so you have action steps to take all the way through the course to assure your progress, step by step by step


The Create And Publish Your Book Now Recommended Resources Guide and Rolodex

Throughout the sessions we make references to important resources that you need to know about, we've put them all together in this convenient resource guide for easy reference



Your own personal copy of the PDF ebook edition of Elsom's #1 Best-Selling book on Amazon, How To Position Yourself As The Obvious Expert.

This book has been THE guide for authors, speakers, consultants, and business owners who want to know quickly how to be recognized in their field as the "obvious expert" to go to purchase advice, products, and knowledge.

And a very special bonus...

A personal telephone consultation with Elsom Eldridge, Jr. to discuss your book project one-on-one

So, let me ask you...

Taking into consideration everything I've told you, what would you say this package is worth to someone who is seriously wanting to be recognized as an author by writing, producing, publishing and promoting your book?

We've seen programs that don't offer half as much as we've done for you priced at $10,000 or more (yes, that much!), but we think they are way out of line for most people who really need this information to guide them along the way to getting their book done. So instead of $10,000, or even $5,000, or even $2,500 - we've priced our package at the amazing low price of only $497.

That's right, this is not a misprint, only $497.

Let me make this fantastic offer even
more irresistible to you...

If you purchase right now, today, we are going to do something very special for you, we're going to save you $200...

No, let's make that $300 off, because you were referred
to this page today by a mutual friend of ours

So you only pay $497 $297 $197 today

Why such a reasonable price?...you ask.

Because of the internet, we now have the technology to deliver the product to you instantly via a digital download page, so you can download the MP3 files and PDF files directly to your computer (for your convenience we've packaged all the files into just two "zip" files, one for the MP3s and one for the transcription PDFs).

This saves us lots of manufacturing costs, shipping costs, handling costs, and all the headaches of staffing and payroll to deliver the program to you in a big box to your doorstep.

So instead of having to price our program much higher, we decided to pass these savings on to you.

You win and we win (as it should be, don't you agree?).

But please be warned, if you do not purchase today and you come back tomorrow or a week from tomorrow, I cannot and will not promise that the price will be the same, or the same bonuses will be available. So if you don't order today, just remember that I told you so if you see this special discount is no longer available to you.

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Try out our program, Create And Publish Your Book Now for a full 90 days, and if you're not completely convinced and satisfied this is the best advice, instruction and step-by-step plan on how to create, write, produce, publish and promote your book than any other you've seen, please write to us and let us know, and we will cheerfully and promptly refund your money to you with no questions asked and no hard feelings. But please understand, we are really looking to help people who seriously want to create and promote their books, so if you're only buying to see what it's all about, please do not order, it's not fair to you and it's not fair to us either, thanks.

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We reserve the right to raise the price, or take away bonuses at any time we wish, or even make this available on a very limited basis. So if you don't order now, and you come back later and things have changed, let's just say I gave you a heads-up warning and leave it at that, fair enough?

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Mark Hendricks

PS - You get the full home study course delivered instantly to you via the internet; all 8 MP3 audios, all 8 printable and searchable PDF transcripts, plus the workbook, the resources and rolodex guide, Elsom's PDF book and a personal telephone consultation with Elsom for a small one-time investment, signup now.

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